Unless you’re already in the industry, you’re rarely working with contractors, especially roofers. Generally, the only time you have to get a roofer involved is when something is damaged or you’re getting a regular inspection. If this is your first home, this may be the first time you’ve ever had to worry about contacting a roofer. With any of these scenarios, it’s completely understandable not knowing the right questions to ask your roofer. That’s why we wanted to point out a few of the most common ones that are overlooked.

Common Questions To Ask Your Roofer 1

1. Are you licensed and insured?

No matter what kind of contractor you’re working with, this is the first question that needs to be asked. The contractor should be able to show you that information as soon as you ask to prove that they have the proper training, qualifications, and insurance coverage. At RA Cooks Renovation, we can always produce proof of our license and insurance for not only the company but the vehicles as well. Safety is our number one priority on every single job.

2. What’s the life expectancy of the roof?

When purchasing your home, the life expectancy of your roof, as well as the warranty, should be included. However, that’s not always the case or the information may not be accurate. When you get your roof inspected, your team should be able to give you an estimation of how much time the roof has before it needs to be replaced. At RA Cooks, we can help you determine how young or old your roof is, so that you have an idea of what to expect for the future.

3. How soon can you start?

Every contractor has a different schedule. This depends on the workload they have, as well as the season. At RA Cooks, we try to schedule you as soon as we possibly can. We also work with your schedule to make sure it’s a good time for both our team and your family. Make sure you verify with us the exact start date so we’re all on the same page.

4. What shingles do you recommend?

Doing your own research is very important to understand the material you’re getting installed or fixed. But, it’s also important to communicate with your roofing contractor. We are experts in the field, so we know the best materials and best brands that can stand-up to the Ohio weather patterns, harsh winters, and hot summers.

5. Will my home be protected during the job?

We understand how unsettling it is to have sections of your home ripped apart, even if it is to help. Everything always looks worse before it gets better. When we discuss the work your roof needs, we break down the scope of work so that YOU can understand it. If we discover that the damage is more extensive than we originally thought, we inform you immediately so we can discuss the additional repairs needed. You will never be in the dark about what’s going on with your home.