Your roof is one of the essential parts of your home. It keeps you and your family safe from the elements outside, as well as protected from other various dangers. While it can take years, your roof wears down just like any other part of the house. Replacing a roof can be costly, but the sooner you replace it, the less money you will spend avoiding issues like rotting wood, leaks, structural damage, and more! Here’s how you can tell you need to invest in a new roof:

● Shingles Are Peeling or Curling: Since the shingles are always getting hit with the elements season after season, it’s no surprise that they can wear out. When it’s at the end of their time, you’ll notice your shingles will be peeling or curling up.

● Missing Shingles: With the age of your roof, shingles don’t just curl, they loosen and go missing entirely. They can get blown away with rain or wind storms. Missing shingles will expose the wood underneath.

Signs It's Time For a New Roof 1
Signs It's Time For a New Roof 2

● Leaking: Even if you can’t see damage to your shingles, a leaking roof is a considerable indication your roof needs to be replaced. Even if the leak is small, there still might be rotted, damaged wood. You might notice your ceiling is discolored where the water has gathered.

● Problems In Your Attic: All attics should have some form of insulation to keep the inside temperature regulated. If there is a draft even with proper insulation, it means there’s an issue with the roof.

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