Having a new roof installed or repaired is a big project. Every contractor will have their own method of getting the job done. A good contractor, like us at RA Cooks Renovations, follows a set of rules not only for the safety of the crew but for speed, minimal cleanup, and the satisfaction of you as the client. Each roof and each home is unique. When we get onsite we will explain step-by-step what your roof needs specifically, but here is a rundown of what to expect when you hire us to handle your roof installation.

Step One – Protecting Your Home: Debris from the roof will be getting thrown down to the to be collected for the trash. We try to keep pieces together and in an orderly fashion, but sometimes the wind or the piece itself works against us. We will make it an effort to protect your windows, siding, landscaping, patio, and other areas of your home as we work. During the installation process, as a precaution, we’ll ask you to bring any potted plants, lawn furniture, or any other objects that can easily be moved either inside the house or away from the house so nothing gets damaged. We’ll also ask that you move your vehicle out of the way for the same reason.

Step Two – Removing the Old Roof: Once everything is protected, we’re going to remove the old shingles, especially ones that are damaged in any way.
Step Three – Inspect the Decking: Once the shingles are removed we’ll be able to see the condition of the wood underneath and determine how solid and usable the pieces are. If we notice any wet, soft, or rotting pieces we’ll replace them at this time.

Step Four – Preparing for the New Roof: After the decking is fixed, if it’s needed, and is ready to go drip edges and underlayment are installed. Drip edges are designed to prevent any rain or melted snow from getting into the roofing materials, which mainly means the wood. The underlayment is another form of protection for the wood from rain and ice. Both of these will extend the lifespan of your roof. The last piece will be the roofing felt, which prevents any of the shingles from sticking directly to the wood. While the wood is an essential part of your roof, it’s extremely important that it stays protected.

Step Five – Installing the Final Pieces: This is the last step of the installation process. We’ll be installing the shingles or whatever other material you might have chosen, such as metal. At this point, you’ll see the final product taking shape.
Step Six – The Clean Up: We’ll clean up everything from the roof, especially the pieces that got away from the pile. Your yard will be scoured for any nails or debris that might be hiding in the grass as well. After that, we’ll haul away trash and dispose of it properly. We’ll also perform one last inspection to ensure your roof is up to functioning properly.