With the upcoming warmer weather comes the warmer weather storms. This means rainstorms, hailstorms, wind storms, and more. Unfortunately this can be highly detrimental to your roof. However, there’s no need to panic if your roof suffers some sort of damage during a storm. So what can damage your roof, and how do you handle the situation after it passes? Read on to learn more!

How Can Storms Affect Your Roof?

  • Wind can be strong enough to lift and remove shingles. Any water will have access to the wood underneath that could lead to water damage or rotting wood.
  • Hail can impact the integrity of the roof with dents and holes left in the shingles and the structure underneath.
  • Rain is probably the most damaging, especially heavy rain. The rain can push its way into the internal structure of the roof. This leads to leaks, mold, rot, and structural damage.

What You Can Do:

  • Inspect the shingles to see if any are missing or damaged.
  • Make sure the flashing is still along the chimneys, vents, edges of the roof, and skylights.
  • The sealant should not be loose or peeling.
  • Check for any water damage in the attic or ceilings .
We highly suggest having a roofing professional inspect the damage done to your home or business after a heavy storm. We can help eliminate any questions, and provide you with a more in depth analysis of damage. Call our team today to help you keep your shingles on, and damage to a minimum!